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Dr Savage, Faye and team,

I cannot thank you enough for your kindness and immediate attention in treating my kidney infection I was suffering. And you took the pain away.

You're wonderful medical professionals.


Whitney H.

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Dear Dr Savage,

Thank you for seeing me so quickly and for your friendly professional advice.

I started to feel better almost immediately and I'm just about back to normal.

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I am from Europe and this was my first visit with the doctor in the US. Dr Savage (as well as his staff) were very professional and provided all that I needed! Highly recommendable!

Jure K. via ZocDoc

Dr. Savage was very professional and inviting. I felt that he was knowledgeable regarding my condition and was prompt in diagnosing it. His friendly manner was most appreciated.

Terron C. Via ZocDoc

A perfect doctor for busy professionals! He lets the patient lead the discussion and actively listens to focus on what are the patient's main concerns before running the standard physical tests. He tells it like it is, but always with encouraging suggestions for improvement. Most people can stand to be in a little bit better shape, right? His efficient style allows for a flexible schedule which means he'll be free when you need him, because you can't plan ahead for when a medical issue will pop up. So delightful to find a doctor truly focused on the patient's needs and wants!

Adam B. Via ZocDoc

was in the same boat as many of the reviewers, I was sick at a conference, and I needed to see a doc, while was as in SF.  Now, in Miami we have lot's of urgent care centers, SF does not, there are a few, but they all want cash up front, etc.  I needed to find a clinic that would take my out-of-state insurance.  So, I googled, yelped, etc.  I found Dr. Savage who had a an office about 3 blocks from my hotel near Union Square.

I called, he answered the phone, told me to come in, and I did.

Basically, I had a severe sinus infection, and I needed to get it cleared up before I got back on the plane to go home.

When I meet with the doctor, he was professional, kind, and very clear.  He was also willing to explain various aspects of the treatment, and the issues with regard to upper resp. infections.  He staff called in my prescriptions to a Walgreens just next to my hotel, and I was good to  after two days, and I was ready for the plane home.  Last year my wife blew-out her ear drum when she had a similar infection on a trip, and her ears got clogged.  So be careful.

I am not sure where the bad reviews came from, this doctor is was very fine, I am not giving him 5 stars, b/c most of my reviews I give out 5's.

So, if your in from out-of-town, and need help, go to him, he will see you and get you well!

Additionally, it turns out, he see many aircrews and is very familiar with treatment if you have to fly.

I do recommend him if you need help.

Bill A. Via Yelp

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