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I first met Dr. Savage 7 years ago when I was working at the Westin hotel (now Parc Central) and now, 7 years later he is still my primary care physician despite changes with my career, insurance, even where I lived in the Bay Area. Dr. Savage is caring, understanding, and patient - the best doctor I have ever had. He once sat with me for 65 minutes while I cried and sobbed all without judgement or interruption (I had a personal crisis at that time and was beyond consolable - and this is an understatement). Dr Savage is not just smart and knowledgeable, he has compassion and empathy that most of doctors lack. His entire staff in the office are nice, considerate, positive, warm, and welcoming. The office is right next to the Westin St. Francis. :)

Claire Y. via Yelp

Best Dr ever! I love this man. Helped me within 2 visits, after 10 years and multiple other Drs of torture not knowing why I get migraines.

Ellie B. via ZocDoc

Dr. Savage has been my primary for over 8 years. From regular weekday appointments to last minute evening visits on the weekend or holidays, Dr. Savage has been there for me 100% of the time. He's helped me from basic sinus infections, physical injury, and complicated surgeries like a tonsillectomy. Sure he can be quirky but I think it's part of his charm. I've even recommended Dr. Savage to friends and they love him.

Roberto T. via Yelp

Jim Savage is the doctor to my family and many friends' families who have been in San Francisco for some time. I used to go to One Medical and have found Jim's preventative style + holistic + western medicine combination is the best of any doctor I have seen. There is a reason he is the doctor to celebrities that visit San Francisco and live here. He gives 110% in every visit I have had with him and truly cares about his patients. 

He is a constant book is knowledge and never stops learning to give you the most up to date medical information.

Ann K. via Yelp

Jim Savage, MD, is my family  PCP since 2007.  
The Front office, extremely pleasant and kind. Making an appointment is easy. They are very knowledgeable about insurances and outstanding balances.
Dr Savage has always diagnosed our conditions correctly. Whatever treatment/medication he has prescribed, have always helped us. Dr Savage is a wonderful man! I trust Dr Savage with our lives! I always recommend Dr Savage to all of my friends and family. 
My family ages range from 12 to 52.

Tes P. via Yelp

Doc Savage is great.  He's efficient, available 7 days a week, and is a good doctor.  I called Friday at 1:30 to see if I could come in the same day, and was able to come in at 3 PM.  My friends all go to Doc Savage as well as my husband because of my recommendation.  On top of being right on with his diagnoses, he is really funny.  I highly recommend him as a general practitioner or a travel doctor.

Jaclyn M. Via Yelp

I first saw Dr. Savage when I arrived in San Francisco and didn’t have a general practitioner. He is knowledgeable and light-hearted at the same time, and he isn’t a doctor who throws prescriptions at a problem. He wants to know what’s going on and always has some great ideas on how to solve things naturally. He’s quite an expert on all things supplemental. A truly holistic viewpoint.

After repeat displays of his kung-fu kicks and hearing about his former life as a fattie, not to mention some great advice about my gym workout, I have never left.

Thank you Dr. Savage for your sense of humor and great, sound medical advice!

Jennifer M. Via Yelp

Dr. Savage treats all the stars when they come to town--as evidenced by the impressive gallery of portraits in his office. Only you don’t have to be a star to get star treatment.  He’s super convenient. They can x-ray and take your blood all in the same building, a one-stop shop.  He has a way of putting you at ease, you know, like when you start looking up your symptoms on and somehow figure out you have only minutes to live. Yeah, he’s good at talking some common sense into you, and will give you great advice on diet and exercise to boot.

Preel S. Via: Yelp

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