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Jim Savage is the doctor to my family and many friends' families who have been in San Francisco for some time. I used to go to One Medical and have found Jim's preventative style + holistic + western medicine combination is the best of any doctor I have seen. There is a reason he is the doctor to celebrities that visit San Francisco and live here. He gives 110% in every visit I have had with him and truly cares about his patients. 

He is a constant book is knowledge and never stops learning to give you the most up to date medical information.

Ann K. via Yelp

I first saw Dr. Savage when I arrived in San Francisco and didn’t have a general practitioner. He is knowledgeable and light-hearted at the same time, and he isn’t a doctor who throws prescriptions at a problem. He wants to know what’s going on and always has some great ideas on how to solve things naturally. He’s quite an expert on all things supplemental. A truly holistic viewpoint.

After repeat displays of his kung-fu kicks and hearing about his former life as a fattie, not to mention some great advice about my gym workout, I have never left.

Thank you Dr. Savage for your sense of humor and great, sound medical advice!

Jennifer M. Via Yelp

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