Sick at a Hotel in San Francisco?

an impressionist painting of hilly San Francisco

Are you visiting San Francisco, staying in one of the multitude of hotels downtown, and feeling under the weather? Have big plans for tomorrow but it’s looking like you won’t be able to make things happen with the current state of your body’s affairs?

If the idea of rushing out to an emergency room sounds like the absolute pits, and if you just can’t wait until tomorrow to visit an urgent care center, you’re in luck.

Dr. Savage can visit you at your hotel room, likely tonight!

We’ll be absolutely honest, it’s not exactly cheap, but it is incredibly convenient and absolutely worth it to not have to subject yourself to the cacophony of aches, moans, groans and who knows what else is lurking around the ER at this time of night.

Or, if it’s still early, you can make an appointment at our medical clinic.

In either case, you’ll know you’re in the absolute best of hands with Dr. Savage. He’s been helping those visiting San Francisco and staying in hotels here since 1991. He’s worked with big name movie stars, all the major airlines, and is even the recommended on-call physician for most of the major hotels in the area. All of that said, he’s a friendly, down to earth doctor ready and able to help you with whatever ails you as you visit our city.

So please, don’t let your vacation or business trip be ruined, call us today to schedule an appointment to have the doctor visit you at your hotel or to have you come in to our office near Union Square.

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