Hotel Doctor, Urgent Care & Airline Physician Testimonials

Read reviews from happy clients who’ve used our urgent care, pre-travel immunization, hotel and airline medical services while traveling in San Francisco.

Thankful he was willing to see me so late at 8pm! He had a ton of tips about general health and areas I need to watch out for like blood pressure and posture. Kind enough to get me the meds I needed right away since it was late and pharmacies weren’t open!

– Yu-ming K.

Doctor Savage has been incredibly helpful over the years. Whether something as straightforward as a sinus infection or something more complicated like a pinched nerve, he’s been a wealth of information and has always been a big help.

– Michael M.

He’s the hardest working person I know and I am so so so SOO pleased he is my doctor.

– Joshua L.

7 years later he is still my primary care physician despite changes with my career, insurance, even where I lived in the Bay Area.

– Claire Y.

A very engaging man, he spends time with you until you understand what you need to do.

– Doug C.

Best Dr ever! I love this man.

– Ellie B.

I am from Europe and this was my first visit with the doctor in the US…Highly recommendable!

– Jure K.

He quickly diagnosed me and made me feel comfortable that he knew what he was doing based on the detailed explanations he provided.

– Stuart K.

They have a lab in the same building, so if you need blood work/urine tests, it’s a very easy transition.

– Taylor H.

Dr Savage is absolutely a thorough old-style family physician – thorough exam and diagnosis with practical solutions.

– Charles P.


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I…have found Jim’s preventative style + holistic + western medicine combination is the best of any doctor I have seen.

– Ann K.

He’s different from any other doctor I’ve ever had because he really cares, he informed of long term effects of a cough and most importantly, he helped me get better within 4 days.

– Nina D.

They are very knowledgeable about insurances and outstanding balances.

– Tes P.

One of the better experiences I’ve had with a doctor, who took the time to explain what was wrong with me, why, and how to get better, instead of just writing a quick scrip and sending me out the door.

– Jennifer E.

Called in around lunch to see if I could see him that day for a 2 week long bout of vertigo, and was able to see him a couple hours later, same day.

– Eric G.

A perfect doctor for busy professionals! He lets the patient lead the discussion and actively listens to focus on what are the patient’s main concerns before running the standard physical tests.

– Adam B.

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