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Dear Dr. Savage & Joyce,

I want to thank you for taking the time out for me when I became ill visiting SF. Your office was very efficient and welcoming (visit 10/15).

Dr. Savage, you are an amazing educator, diagnostician and physician I have ever met! I am a retired RN and have worked at Syracuse Medical Center and have never come across anyone like you!!

I'm on the road to recovery and thank you again.

Best regards,

J. Jambreso

PS. Thank you for the medical certificate.

Dear Dr. Savage,

I just wanted to take a moment to send you this quick note to say thank you so very much. I was at the Hyatt Regency on August 19th and encountered a problem with my eye. After speaking with the hotel front desk, they contacted you and you in turn contacted me. You asked me to come to your office. After arriving there you were so wonderful and quickly diagnosed the fact that I had an eye infection. (I cannot remember the name of it but you were funny when you said it sounded like something to eat.)

You were wonderful in diagnosing and explaining the problem and providing me with the necessary medication that I needed.

Because of you my husband and I were able to continue on with our Northern California tour. Without you we could not have done so.

As I told you, I would have liked to have tucked you into my pocket and brought you back to New Hampshire so that you could be our physician.

You were wonderful and I just wanted to say thank you again for all your help. We so appreciated you and we wish you the very best in the future.


Pamela A.

PS. Your assistant in the office was super to deal with and we also want to recognize her.

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Dr. Savage was great, he was very knowledgeable and provided an in depth explanation of everything. He quickly diagnosed me and made me feel comfortable that he knew what he was doing based on the detailed explanations he provided. He's also a pretty unique guy and interesting to talk to.

Stuart K. via ZocDoc

Dr Savage is absolutely a thorough old-style family physician - thorough exam and diagnosis with practical solutions.  
Traveling through San Francisco back to Sydney Australia.

Charles P. via Yelp

Jim Savage is an incredible doctor. He saw me after I had been to an urgent care where they misdiagnosed me about a really nasty cough that I had for 2 months and could not shake. He's different from any other doctor I've ever had because he really cares, he informed of long term effects of a cough and most importantly, he helped me get better within 4 days.

He is blunt, honest, brilliant, and a fantastic doctor. If you want someone to coddle and baby you - he's not the right doctor for you. As for the wait time - I think I waited ten minutes.

Nina D. via Yelp

Jim Savage, MD, is my family  PCP since 2007.  
The Front office, extremely pleasant and kind. Making an appointment is easy. They are very knowledgeable about insurances and outstanding balances.
Dr Savage has always diagnosed our conditions correctly. Whatever treatment/medication he has prescribed, have always helped us. Dr Savage is a wonderful man! I trust Dr Savage with our lives! I always recommend Dr Savage to all of my friends and family. 
My family ages range from 12 to 52.

Tes P. via Yelp

he got right to the point of diagnosising me, did a quick minor test, the gave me a shot, a little bag of follow up meds right there on the spot, and sent me on my way with a game plan to tackle my issue, and a good feeling of it being resloved.

Alicia D. Via ZocDoc

If you need candy coating from your doctor, this is not the guy. What you get with Dr. Savage is a very intelligent, efficient, and no nonsense professional who pinpointed and diagnosed my issue precisely and was able to guide me to the remedy as well as teaching me how to avoid the same issues in the future. A great experience and a great doctor.

Ira S. Via ZocDoc

Dr. Savage was very professional and inviting. I felt that he was knowledgeable regarding my condition and was prompt in diagnosing it. His friendly manner was most appreciated.

Terron C. Via ZocDoc

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