Sick at a Conference in San Francisco?

a conference in San Francisco

Home to over 100 conferences each year, people flock to the City by the Bay every year for everything from medical training to video game development, geography to yoga.

That’s tens of thousands of presentations attended by countless human beings, which means a lot of handshakes…and a lot of opportunities to pass on that nasty cough your coworkers brought from the Midwest. While half of the fun of visiting a vibrant city like San Francisco–with its parks, museums, restaurants, nightlife and so much more–is all of the fun you’ll have outside of the Moscone Convention Center, nothing spoils a good time like the down time sickness can bring on.

The solution? Traveler Medical Group! We’re not only a recommended partner with SF Travel, we’ve been helping those feeling queasy and uneasy while visiting the city for nearly three decades.

the city of San Francisco by night

Doctor Savage can help you with anything from a quick checkup to urgent care. Lost your prescription? We can help. Need someone to recommend a pharmacy? We do that as well.

And if you’re a local looking to head to a conference abroad, or just want to take a trip overseas for pleasure, there’s no better place in town to go for your travel immunization needs.

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