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He's the hardest working person I know and I am so so so SOO pleased he is my doctor. He's amazing whether I'm overseas on a business trip or just suddenly sick. He's been around for what must be decades, so he's definitely experienced and knowledgable and practical. He's the only doctor in his practice and he works tirelessly, long days and weekends. seriously, can't recommend him enough.

Joshua L. via ZocDoc

I first met Dr. Savage 7 years ago when I was working at the Westin hotel (now Parc Central) and now, 7 years later he is still my primary care physician despite changes with my career, insurance, even where I lived in the Bay Area. Dr. Savage is caring, understanding, and patient - the best doctor I have ever had. He once sat with me for 65 minutes while I cried and sobbed all without judgement or interruption (I had a personal crisis at that time and was beyond consolable - and this is an understatement). Dr Savage is not just smart and knowledgeable, he has compassion and empathy that most of doctors lack. His entire staff in the office are nice, considerate, positive, warm, and welcoming. The office is right next to the Westin St. Francis. :)

Claire Y. via Yelp

Dr. Savage was incredibly insightful in diagnosing my medical problem - sinuses - and explaining in clear terms what I needed to do to avoid the problem going forward. Very simple, basic practices that nobody had explained to me before. 

A very engaging man, he spends time with you until you understand what you need to do.

I highly recommend Dr. Savage -- maybe the best practitioner I have encountered -- was fortunate enough to encounter from as far back as I can remember.

Doug C. via Yelp

Dr. Savage was great, he was very knowledgeable and provided an in depth explanation of everything. He quickly diagnosed me and made me feel comfortable that he knew what he was doing based on the detailed explanations he provided. He's also a pretty unique guy and interesting to talk to.

Stuart K. via ZocDoc

Jim Savage is the doctor to my family and many friends' families who have been in San Francisco for some time. I used to go to One Medical and have found Jim's preventative style + holistic + western medicine combination is the best of any doctor I have seen. There is a reason he is the doctor to celebrities that visit San Francisco and live here. He gives 110% in every visit I have had with him and truly cares about his patients. 

He is a constant book is knowledge and never stops learning to give you the most up to date medical information.

Ann K. via Yelp

Jim Savage is an incredible doctor. He saw me after I had been to an urgent care where they misdiagnosed me about a really nasty cough that I had for 2 months and could not shake. He's different from any other doctor I've ever had because he really cares, he informed of long term effects of a cough and most importantly, he helped me get better within 4 days.

He is blunt, honest, brilliant, and a fantastic doctor. If you want someone to coddle and baby you - he's not the right doctor for you. As for the wait time - I think I waited ten minutes.

Nina D. via Yelp

Dr. Savage was very professional and inviting. I felt that he was knowledgeable regarding my condition and was prompt in diagnosing it. His friendly manner was most appreciated.

Terron C. Via ZocDoc

I first saw Dr. Savage when I arrived in San Francisco and didn’t have a general practitioner. He is knowledgeable and light-hearted at the same time, and he isn’t a doctor who throws prescriptions at a problem. He wants to know what’s going on and always has some great ideas on how to solve things naturally. He’s quite an expert on all things supplemental. A truly holistic viewpoint.

After repeat displays of his kung-fu kicks and hearing about his former life as a fattie, not to mention some great advice about my gym workout, I have never left.

Thank you Dr. Savage for your sense of humor and great, sound medical advice!

Jennifer M. Via Yelp

Friendly, knowledgeable, and very convenient. He takes drop-in visits, with zero wait time both of the times I have visited. I can’t imagine anything more convenient for when you really need your ache cured ASAP. Accessible location near Union Square and takes HMO, too. What could be better?!

Annie C. Via Yelp

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