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Dear Dr Savage,

Thank you for seeing me so quickly and for your friendly professional advice.

I started to feel better almost immediately and I'm just about back to normal.

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It was the first time in my life that I have had to call a doctor to my hotel room and I did not know what to expect. Suffice to say, I was not expecting to get someone as good as you. Your command of the situation and rapid treatment brought things under control in a matter of minutes. In addition, your bedside manner and interesting stories served to calm my condition further.

I deeply appreciate the help you gave me yesterday. I, like the many, many travellers you have helped over the years feel truly blessed to have met you.

You are one of the good ones.

Thank you again for helping me.


Thankful he was willing to see me so late at 8pm! He had a ton of tips about general health and areas I need to watch out for like blood pressure and posture. Kind enough to get me the meds I needed right away since it was late and pharmacies weren’t open!

Yu-ming K. via ZocDoc

Jim Savage is an incredible doctor. He saw me after I had been to an urgent care where they misdiagnosed me about a really nasty cough that I had for 2 months and could not shake. He's different from any other doctor I've ever had because he really cares, he informed of long term effects of a cough and most importantly, he helped me get better within 4 days.

He is blunt, honest, brilliant, and a fantastic doctor. If you want someone to coddle and baby you - he's not the right doctor for you. As for the wait time - I think I waited ten minutes.

Nina D. via Yelp

In and out in no time. Called in around lunch to see if I could see him that day for a 2 week long bout of vertigo, and was able to see him a couple hours later, same day. Staff was super friendly and nice, and Savage was on point. Joked around with him a bit, real talk, no bullshit. I could have been talking to a friend the way he interacted.

Got right down to business after that, checked me out and prescribed what I needed. Even had some of the meds I needed on hand which he threw in as a consolation prize. I will def. be returning in the future if I need a quick fix. Highly recommend him if you don't want any hand-holding B.S. and just want to get healthy.

Eric G. Via Yelp

let me tell you some facts - there are quite a bit of really shady doctors in SF that only care about tacking on tests and visits to raise your bill. Looking back to my more naive days I feel like I've been conned from some offices. Dr. Savage is absolutely not one of these people. He's been highly successful forever, the man could give 2 shits about money, relatively speaking.

There are very few doctors available all week and getting a near instant appointment when you are feeling miserable is amazing.

Dr. Savage's office is ran very efficiently, if possible even gives you meds directly to save you that dreaded Walgreens run.

Michael W. via Yelp

Doc Savage is great.  He's efficient, available 7 days a week, and is a good doctor.  I called Friday at 1:30 to see if I could come in the same day, and was able to come in at 3 PM.  My friends all go to Doc Savage as well as my husband because of my recommendation.  On top of being right on with his diagnoses, he is really funny.  I highly recommend him as a general practitioner or a travel doctor.

Jaclyn M. Via Yelp

Very fast, friendly and convenient.  Can’t say exactly that he did an exhaustive work-up on me, but I’m not picky.  No muss, no fuss!

Rich C. Via Yelp

Definitely the place to go when you need to be seen right away.  Friendly, helpful, and doesn’t talk to you like you’re an idiot.  I don’t know how he is for long-term, but for quick medical care, Dr. Savage gets my vote!

Stephanie H. Via Yelp

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