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Once again I would like to thank everyone at the medical centre - doctor, nurses, and reception staff were wonderful and I was very grateful to receive such professional and comprehensive care.

Helene D.

Dr Jim,

We are now returned from our cruise - and wanted to thank you + your staff for your compassion on May 24th when we found we did not have Charlie's insulan.

Back home, safe, sound + healthy, it is with deep gratitude that we write!

Thank you,

Charlie + Sharon W.

Dear Dr Savage,

It was worth the wait! Again thanks for healing. Adjustable Back Brace really made it melt away!

Billie F.


I just wanted to send a note of thanks for your care at the Fairmont hotel last week (Angela L. B.). I don't think I have ever felt so badly and you were so kind and caring. I was able to travel home the following day (although a bit weak). I especially appreciated your thoughts on the fact that sometimes getting ill puts things in the right perspective. You couldn't be closer to the truth, in my case. Please accept my sincere thanks for your kindness. It is a comfort to know that there are Drs. like you! (Please tell your mother I said so).

Best regards,

Dear Dr Savage,

I hope you're doing well. I am following up on the services you provided for one of my passengers last Saturday night. I am the Tour Director with Mauiva AirCruise who brought in the woman from Denmark who had the Bladder Infection. You were so kind to see us on such short notice and provide her with meds so we didn't have to find a pharmacy on a Saturday night. I'm happy to say that my passenger felt much, much better and was able to enjoy the rest of her tour! I have forwarded your contact information to my home office and have also notified the other Tour Directors working for Mauiva of your services. It was a pleasure meeting you and I'm so appreciative of all you did for my passenger. Thank you for everything!

All the best,

Marianne S.
Tour Director, Mauiva AirCruise


Dear Dr Savage,

Your cure and treatment saved me during my recent visit to San Francisco! Thank you for the excellent medical treatment. Wishing you every blessing... every success!


Kathleen S.

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Thank you so much for your help on Wed and Thursday. I already feel much better. Thank you!

Claire Y.

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Hi Dr Savage,

I wanted to thank you again for the wonderful medical care, compassion and education you provided the other night when you saw me for the "brutal" sinus infection I was experiencing.

I took your advice with all the medications - learning a lot more than ever before about treating my sinuses correctly - and was good to go yesterday afternoon. The flight back to NYC was just fine. My ears "crackled" and "popped" and I had no discomfort. Better than a lot of flights I've been on without an infection!

We shared our praise with the Westin St. Francis and also our son, who's a Starwood Hotel Executive. Not that you need many testimonials - your professional results speak for themselves.

Thanks again,

Melissa + Ed D.

Dr Savage (Who doesn't love this name?),

It's hard to put into words the relief you gave to me yesterday. I'm not sure what Prescott said to you or your staff to get me into your care so quickly, but I am very grateful. From the bottom of my healthy heart - thank you!

Valerie M.

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