About TMG

Traveling to San Francisco and looking for medical attention, but don’t want to bother with going to an ER? Since 1991, Traveler Medical Group and Dr. Jim Savage have been helping those visiting the Bay Area with a variety of ailments.

We offer a variety of services, from primary care for local residents, including student and women’s health services, to our urgent care facility available by appointment.

Dr. Savage can even come to your hotel, so you can receive the care you need with minimal disruption to your visit to San Francisco.

traveler medical group office

Thankful he was willing to see me so late at 8pm! He had a ton of tips about general health and areas I need to watch out for like blood pressure and posture. Kind enough to get me the meds I needed right away since it was late and pharmacies weren’t open!

Yu-ming K.

Dr. Savage has worked in a plethora of fields, working with big stars like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Matthew McConaughey as a movie set physician and countless patients living in or visiting San Francisco alike, via our office in Union Square, downtown San Francisco. He is the on call doctor for many San Francisco hotels, and is just a phone call away should you need medical attention at any hotel in the area. He’s also the primary consulting physician for a multitude of airlines operating out of San Francisco.

He’s also renowned for his travel experience, and there’s no better place in the city to get travel vaccines and immunizations, custom tailored to your destination abroad. Lost your prescription while on vacation or business here in San Francisco? We can help with that, too!