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It was the first time in my life that I have had to call a doctor to my hotel room and I did not know what to expect. Suffice to say, I was not expecting to get someone as good as you. Your command of the situation and rapid treatment brought things under control in a matter of minutes. In addition, your bedside manner and interesting stories served to calm my condition further.

I deeply appreciate the help you gave me yesterday. I, like the many, many travellers you have helped over the years feel truly blessed to have met you.

You are one of the good ones.

Thank you again for helping me.


Thankful he was willing to see me so late at 8pm! He had a ton of tips about general health and areas I need to watch out for like blood pressure and posture. Kind enough to get me the meds I needed right away since it was late and pharmacies weren’t open!

Yu-ming K. via ZocDoc

Doctor Savage has been incredibly helpful over the years. Whether something as straightforward as a sinus infection or something more complicated like a pinched nerve, he's been a wealth of information and has always been a big help. He's had great medical advice.  His staff is very helpful and compassionate.  I'll continue to see Doctor Savage for any urgent care needs.  Thanks again Doctor Savage.

Michael M. via Yelp

He's the hardest working person I know and I am so so so SOO pleased he is my doctor. He's amazing whether I'm overseas on a business trip or just suddenly sick. He's been around for what must be decades, so he's definitely experienced and knowledgable and practical. He's the only doctor in his practice and he works tirelessly, long days and weekends. seriously, can't recommend him enough.

Joshua L. via ZocDoc

I first met Dr. Savage 7 years ago when I was working at the Westin hotel (now Parc Central) and now, 7 years later he is still my primary care physician despite changes with my career, insurance, even where I lived in the Bay Area. Dr. Savage is caring, understanding, and patient - the best doctor I have ever had. He once sat with me for 65 minutes while I cried and sobbed all without judgement or interruption (I had a personal crisis at that time and was beyond consolable - and this is an understatement). Dr Savage is not just smart and knowledgeable, he has compassion and empathy that most of doctors lack. His entire staff in the office are nice, considerate, positive, warm, and welcoming. The office is right next to the Westin St. Francis. :)

Claire Y. via Yelp

Dr. Savage was incredibly insightful in diagnosing my medical problem - sinuses - and explaining in clear terms what I needed to do to avoid the problem going forward. Very simple, basic practices that nobody had explained to me before. 

A very engaging man, he spends time with you until you understand what you need to do.

I highly recommend Dr. Savage -- maybe the best practitioner I have encountered -- was fortunate enough to encounter from as far back as I can remember.

Doug C. via Yelp

Best Dr ever! I love this man. Helped me within 2 visits, after 10 years and multiple other Drs of torture not knowing why I get migraines.

Ellie B. via ZocDoc

I am from Europe and this was my first visit with the doctor in the US. Dr Savage (as well as his staff) were very professional and provided all that I needed! Highly recommendable!

Jure K. via ZocDoc

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